Type whatever to find the question. ex: (How to ... ?, چۆن ... ؟)
Type whatever to find the question. ex: (How to ... ?, چۆن ... ؟)


Regulation and Adherence

Content of Programnas compromises technical questions and answers. It is a community for developer, designer and those who tend to learn from all of the technology sectors.


The User privacy is well secured from background processes and activities. User account will all be public for all other users if they have account. User information's and details including: name, age, country, biography and asked or answered questions will be provided.

Safety and Security

We are responsible to keep your account secure by preventing any attack or gaining access to your account other than you. The user must follow all the rules and instructions of the Programnas to be prevented from deactivating. If there is any activity or groundless questions or answers that define a threatening and violent content, we will announce you and a point will indicate that your account is about to disable if it over and over, your account will deactivate.

Ask and Answer questions

To ensure user privacy and control over personal data, Programnas provides the option for users to delete their accounts. If you wish to delete your account, please contact our support team through the provided support link. They will assist you in the account deletion process and the removal of your personal information. Please note that questions within Programnas cannot be deleted, but answers can be removed unless they have been verified by another user. This feature is in place to maintain the integrity of the information shared within our community. At Programnas, we value your privacy and strive to create a secure and user-friendly environment for knowledge sharing. We are committed to addressing your concerns and ensuring a positive experience throughout your journey with us.

Profit and Payment

Earnings and amount of payment is done with right answers. If second user verifies the right answer the specific amount of money goes into your account, if the answer isn’t verified team of Programnas will investigate for correct answer of users and decide whether the response is right or not. Using any manual tool or fake account and mark the right answers, your account will be deactivated without getting any balance.


Programnas uses the browser cookie of the user to organize contents and connect user to browser.

The mentioned guidelines above are under renovation.